Still & 3d Photography workshop

THE WORKSHOPS ON Basic and Advanced photography, conducted by the Lakshyaa every month the whole year round, are the most effective and most reasonably priced short photo workshops in Mumbai. Over 2, 00 graduates have attended the workshops since 2008, many of whom have gone on to become professional photographers and to win national and international contests against more experienced photographers.

The workshops are ideal for:

•    serious amateurs & hobbyists
•    photographer’s assistants
•    public relations staff
•    advertising agency staff
•    newsletter and publication staff
•    teachers
•    home snapshooters
•    would-be professional photographers

Basic Before Advanced

Workshop participants are strongly advised to attend the Basic workshop before the Advanced, even if you do not consider yourself a neophyte. A few students who skipped ahead to the advanced workshop found themselves awash in unfamiliar terms and concepts, and had to start over in the Basic workshop.

Basic Photography-

Camera functions, exposure control; properties of light; composition. Portrait posing and lighting, outdoor portraits, lighting tabletop still life. Developing creativity:

Advanced Photography

Advanced techniques in portrait and lighting as applied to professional work such as wedding/portrait photography and product/advertising photography.


Basic Photography Workshop

Basic Photography Workshop teaches basic photography skills: how to operate a digital SLR camera, how to achieve proper exposure, elements of design, posing, studio lighting and more
•    Workshop Sessions
•    Runs five successive Sunday


•    Pre-register at the lakshyaa office or online
•    Make your payment in person or by bank deposit
•    Reservations are finalized only upon payment of workshop fee
•   Film or digital camera, preferably one that allows you to set shutter speed and aperture manually. Check if your auto-everything camera allows manual exposure override. Point-and-shoot cameras (compacts) are acceptable, but discouraged.

Course Outline

Day One
•    Camera operation and handling
•    Basic camera parts and icons
•    Correct exposure by adjusting aperture and shutter speed
•    Reading the camera meter
•    Practice shoot inside Fort Santiago

Day Two
•    Review of Day 1 lecture
•    Critique of photos from last session
•    Understanding composition: leading lines, rule of thirds, frames, foreground and background, S-curves, patterns, light and shadow
•    Practice shoot on composition

Day Three
•    Art History & Elements of Design

Day Four
•    Critique of photos from last session
•    Portraiture and posing
•    Lighting theory and practice
•    Using flash and studio lights
•    Choosing filters for portraits
•    Hands-on shoot indoors and outdoors using studio lights, reflectors, and available light

Day Five
•    Basic lighting, shooting setup, using props
•    Flash photography & use of filters
•    Introduction to basic digital imaging
•    Critique and judging of prints

Advanced Photography

With guidance from professional Lakshyaa mentors, the course teaches you to become a professional photographer in 5 succeeding Sundays. The course details the latest shooting techniques in every lighting situation for various subjects. Emphasis is given on bridal photography, portraiture in natural and studio lights, and product shots.
•    Runs five successive Sundays


•    Pre-register at the Lakshyaa office or online
•    Make your payment in person or by bank deposit

Workshop sessions

•    Film or digital camera, preferably one that allows you to set shutter speed and aperture manually. Check if your auto-everything camera allows manual exposure override. Point-and-shoot cameras (compacts) are acceptable, but discouraged.
•    Film, photofinishing is free.

Day One
•    Review of Basic Photography
•    Introduction to Photojournalism
•    Available and Ambient Light
•    Artificial Lighting Patterns
•    Continuous Light
•    Flash Bounce, Strobe
•    Rim Lighting
•    Secular Highlights

Day Two
•    Photojournalism (Photo Essay/Pictorial)
•    Portraiture with Live Model(s)
•    Artificial Lights: One-Light, Two-Light, Three-Light Schemes
•    Rim Light
•    Secular Light
•    Photo Critique

Day Three
•    Conceptual Portrait with Live Model
•    Bridal Accessories Still Life Photography
•    Bridal Portraiture (Natural Light)
•    Bridal Portraiture (Studio Light)

Day Four
•    Commercial Product Shots (Food Photography)
•    Reflective Subjects (Glass, Bottles, Metals)

Day Five
•    Submission of Requirements for Triple Contest
•    Bridal Portraiture Contest (8×10)
•    Still Life Contest (8×10)
•    Photo Essay Contest (5-7 shots pasted on 20×30 illustration board)

Course Duration: About 5 session {each of 2/3 hrs}

Every Sunday: 3.00 to 6.00

Registration: As soon as possible

Course fees  : Rs. 5,000 for Basic
7,000 for advance





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Children workshop

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Cinematography workshop

Writing workshop

Editing workshop

Animation workshop

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Aim of the workshop is to fully utilize the camera we have at our disposal for creative use, and knowing what our camera is able 2 do with different features. The workshop also aims to make the participants know of different features available on there camera and how to best use it for creative use and for fun and also how they can earn from it.

Workshop will cover: Basic 360 Spericle and rectilinear panaromic shoots, basic 3d stereo photography, auto & manualtimelapse using any camera creating time lapse movies on computer, uploading to a video website like google video andyoutube.

WORKSHOP FEE : RS 1500/- for 3days 4 hour per day

Rs 6000 for regular twice a week for 2 months

Certification : Certification will be given after successful completion of Workshop.

Material that will be provided includes, Free Cd with softwares, images, 3D Glasses for 3d photos

Age group : 12-75

Requirement : Passion for experimentation, Your Any Camera, basic computer & internet knowledge.
Students should be comfortable using a mouse, opening and saving files, and should know generally how to navigate on their computer. Bring in your Laptop if possible.

After the workshop students will be in touch with others through group interaction online and will be invited for future field trips.

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