Animation workshop

Bring a character to life and tell a short story by animating clay, puppets, pixelation, cut outs, or drawings.

One of the earliest forms of cinematic animation, stop motion is still embraced as a storytelling art form. This is not a workshop in digital animation software, but in the creative aspects of storytelling using animated characters and meticulous technique.

Students learn story development and story boarding and present short script ideas for review and critique. The course covers set and character design and the use of design elements to create characters and spaces that enhance animated storytelling. Students gain technical competence through an introduction to DLSR camera operation and the post-production process. Students are encouraged to bring script ideas and favorite art materials.

Course Duration: About 3 session (each of 2/3 hrs)

Every Sunday: 3.00 to 6.00

Course fees  : Rs. 3,000

Registration: As soon as possible





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Animation workshop

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