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May 27 2010   No Commented

Acting requires quite a bit of preparation and a lot of talent, but the Lakshyaa theatre group believes anyone and everyone can act, you just need to be passionate about it. This summer they have started a workshop for all those who wish to learn and also for those who wish to revive their knowledge. Lakshyaa Workshops function on many levels and are open to anyone who wants to explore and develop their personal creative power in the art of acting, whether they are experienced professionals or enthusiastic beginners.

Lakshyaa believes there are a lot of people aspiring to get into the field of acting and hence their skills need to be cultivated properly. Secondly everyone needs a change. Even in Hollywood actors go in for several acting workshops, it acts as s shift from their daily routine work.

Vinod Goswami himself is a professional stage actor and wants to help all aspiring actors. “He practices acting and over the years has felt that there was something missing in the process. When one sees the performance of Birju Maharaj, it’s so mesmerizing, and there aren’t any dialogues or acting involved in his performance. It’s just the body movements, gestures, and facial expressions. And that’s exactly what I wanted my students to learn, to be able to perform independently, without dialogues and the singing.”

Lakshyaa has received good response from professionals and amateurs alike. “There are a lot of people who have signed up for our workshop and at least five people are above the age of 50. I don’t believe in any kind of age bar, if a person has the passion and aspiration to act, he can act until he dies. It’s a misconception that those who don’t know the A-B-C of theatre and acting only need to do a workshop. We aim to wipe out this misconception while providing space for the growth of an actor with respect to those who are constantly working in the theatre. This workshop is for all, the professionals, the amateurs and those aspiring a career in acting.

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