About us

Lakshyaa Theatre Group combine the skills of seasoned professionals with the enthusiasm of new talent to bring theatre and other creative activities as…Screen writing, Still Photography, Direction, 3d-Photography to a wider audience.


LAKSHYAA is a comprehensive integrated approach to the study of Scene Study, Script Analysis and Character Development. The nature of the complexity that is revealed in the committed study of drama demands that each student is given the personal attention needed to support their movement through the fear and obstacles they will encounter as they expand into a higher dimension of the fulfillment of their creative potential. This ongoing conservatory workshop is made up of a powerful ensemble of committed individuals whose stated goal is to nurture, develop and give direction to the unique talent they were born with in order to become the highes caliber of theatre artist.

LAKSHYAA Group continuously study all the other acting schools (Adler, Chekhov, Hagen, Meisner, Strasberg, Mamet, Morris, Spolin, Stanislavski and more) so that Lakshyaa actors are not missing out on anything: they get all the major acting tools and philosophies, synthesized into a clear, specific, practical approach to acting – for Theatre, film or television In addition, we offer services that go way beyond simple acting workshop. Students of LAKSHYAA Theatre classes are taught with the most modern methods, techniques and tools.

LAKSHYAA methods sharply interactive  within  a  daringly balanced set of crafts & approaches empowering our students in the fields of Acting, Directing, Writing & Making Films,  a method of work considered by experts as  quite unique in India.

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