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home_picLAKSHYAA Theatre and Creative Arts, originally called Lakshyaa Theatre Arts, was started in 2004, by an actor, writer, and director Mr.Vinod Goswami to present a pedestal for the youth, and theater lovers, and to hone their acting skills and make them work diligently towards Theater, Television and Film Acting.

Mr. Goswami started with the mission to inculcate qualities within the actors, to push them all their lives, to cultivate their minds, to train their talents systematically and to develop their character. An actor should never despair and never relinquish his main purpose – to love his art with all his strength unselfishly.



Theatre Acting Workshop (Mumbai & Pune)


Workshops function on many levels and are open to anyone who wants to explore and develop their personal creative power in the art of acting, whether they are experienced pro
Start Date : 125th, October 2017
Theatre Group : Lakshyaa Theatre & Creative Arts

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